Discusses the Best Browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

A browser is a software (software) that is used to open web pages. Currently, there are many different kinds of browser applications with powerful features. So, for those of you who like to surf in cyberspace, if you need to know which browser application is right.

Well, in this article we want to discuss the best and fastest browser applications of the two best browsers today, namely Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Discusses the Best Browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Of the many browser applications, this time we want to recommend some of them that can be your reference.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been named the best browser today. Although at the beginning of its release in 2008, this application had difficulty competing with its earlier competitors such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and the Safari browser. Then in 2018, Google completely overhauled the Chrome browser by rolling out regular security updates.

As of early 2019, Google Chrome managed to gain 65% of the global desktop browser market share according to Statcounter.

Google Chrome advantages:

  • High speed

The emergence of various kinds of the latest websites sometimes makes browser performance slow. However, this condition has no effect on Chrome. In fact, even on complex web pages, Chrome can still process very sharp and responsive.

This is possible thanks to the V8 JavaScript engine used by Chrome. This machine is claimed to be the fastest version of JavaScript compared to any version.

  • Elegant design

In 2018, Chrome changed its appearance with Google’s material design concept. These changes make Chrome look minimalist and elegant.

  • Safe & comfortable use

Google is always working to update the security features on Chrome. With high technology, now Chrome can automatically block malicious sites, remove all types of malware, and automatically display a lock pad icon to notify you when the site is safe to access.

  • Abundant extensions

Google Chrome facilitates its users with various types of applications and extensions. Starting from games, search engines, tool productivity, shopping, extensions specifically for developers, and many more. Each extension is always supported with additional updates that can be downloaded easily.

  • Connect directly with Google Search Engines

The Chrome browser is perfect for those of you who use the Google Search Engine. Because, by default, this browser is connected to the Google search site. You only need to enter keywords in the address bar. Then, Chrome will automatically display various sites based on your keywords.

Lack of Google Chrome

  • Frequent bugs

Like other browsers, Google Chrome is also often attacked by bugs and errors which then interfere with users while surfing the internet. However, this condition is quite tolerable since the Google developer team is always trying to overcome this.

  • Wasteful RAM usage

Although many people admire the speed of access on Chrome, it’s a shame that this application is known to waste RAM. So that when it reaches a certain PC limit, internet access can be very slow, even at the worst it will hang or freeze.

2. Mozilla Firefox

The next best browser option is Mozilla Firefox. This browser was designed by the Mozilla Foundation which was originally named Phoenix in 2002. Then, after time passed, the name Phoenix was changed to Mozilla Firefox.

Since the beginning of its release, many users have been very enthusiastic about using this American-made browser. In fact, in 2008 Mozilla Firefox managed to reap the majority of Internet Explorer users with more than 500 million downloads

In 2017, Mozilla Firefox also released a version called Mozilla Firefox Quantum which is equipped with faster features. But in 2019, Firefox again changed their version as the Firefox Browser.

The advantages of Mozilla Firefox

  • Security assurance

Mozilla Firefox is equipped with an advanced security system that is able to deal with all forms of threats such as spyware, which is often downloaded automatically, malware, and certain viruses.

  • Ad-free

With Mozilla Firefox, you can take advantage of the Turbo Mode feature to ward off annoying advertisements or pop-up banners. So, your activities to surf the internet can run comfortably.

  • Reader View feature

For those of you who like to read, Mozilla Firefox offers a feature in the form of a Reader View. Through this feature, Firefox will display pages only in writing. This feature is also equipped with a choice of background colors with Sephia and Dark themes so that you feel more comfortable when reading.

  • History tab

In Mozilla Firefox, you don’t have to bother opening a new tab to open the history page. Simply look at the small pop up tab on the left of your PC screen.

  • Various types of Add Ons

Just like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox users will also be treated to a variety of extensions to support your needs. Of course this makes it easier in things like syncing passwords, managing bookmarks, and various custom menu settings.

Lack of Mozilla Firefox

  • Takes up a lot of PC memory

This is the main weakness of Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is known as a browser that consumes a lot of memory on a computer, so this application can not be used on computers with low specifications. This condition is often marked by slow online video playback, frozen tabs that cannot be opened, and so on.

  • Automatic unsustainable downloads

The next drawback is when you are downloading a file while browsing various sites. This sometimes makes the download process choked up. In fact, it may even stop completely. This condition is of course very ineffective, because you have to download the file again from scratch.